The Facetimes ...

FACETIME is a ten-minute opportunity for a delegate to either pitch or take advice on their manuscript from an industry professional. Two weeks prior to the conference, we will request that you submit the first five pages of your manuscript along with a one-page synopsis. Your choice of editor, agent or publisher will then read your work in readiness to discuss it further and give you advice on the day. Who knows, they may even ask to see more!

This year we are delighted to welcome the following fabulous guest agents and publishers:

  • Norah Perkins (Curtis Brown)
  • Oli Munson (AM Heath)
  • Lisa Eveleigh (Richford Becklow)
  • Claire Quinlivan (No Exit Press)
  • Steve Bicknell (Maverick Children’s Books)

Please purchase your slot at the Booking Checkout at a cost of £10 per ten minute session. A maximum of two Facetimes may be booked and no more than one session with any one guest. Slots are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

When asked to submit your work, please ensure that your name and delegate number are at the top of each page. Manuscripts must be typed in an 11pt font (no smaller) with a minimum line spacing of 1.5. Manuscripts that exceed the number of requested pages or that do not meet the font and line specification will be returned.