Mark Keegan

Mark graduated from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama with an MA Writing for Stage and Broadcast Media.

He is the author of three plays: Coming of Age (which won a Watermans Theatre Best Young Writer’s prize) Apocalypse? Wow! and That 70s Cop Show. Other writing credits include Auntie’s Sporting Bloomers (BBC 1), Week Ending (Radio 4), NewsRevue (Canal Café and The Mini Play Fest (Hen & Chickens). He co-created and directed the sports based comedy revue An Evening With Roberto Baggio (Edinburgh Festival) and its two sequels Don’t Cry For Me Gareth Southgate and SportsRevue.

As a comedy performer Mark has appeared on TGI Friday (Radio Scotland), The Jeremy Nicholas Show (Radio London) and at the Camden Fringe Festival. As a stand-up he has appeared on bills with Eddie Izzard and performed at venues including the Chuckle Club, Comedy Café, Keele University, Laughing Horse, Purple Turtle and the rooftop of the South London Theatre. In 2016 Mark became the resident MC at the Colour House Comedy Club.