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    Saturday 26th September

Building Worlds From Characters

Presented by Sci-Fi author, Toby Frost.

In this workshop, Toby will look at the way in which characters not only reflect the world they inhabit, but help define it and introduce it to the reader. His workshop will consider the techniques used to create characters and put them into the setting, and the way in which different settings will often require different approaches. It will be especially helpful for writers of fantasy, science fiction and historical novels.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced.

Writing it Real - The Practicalities of Fiction.

Presented by Steampunk novelist, Liesel Schwarz.

For most readers, it is the little things that will make a story. As a writer, if you get it right, the prose will leap to life, but get it wrong and you will face angry emails from people. From horses to guns, to potions and lavatories, this workshop is packed full of fascinating facts and practical tidbits that will help you get it right.

Level: Intermediate.

Characters That Convince

Presented by writer and Creative Writing tutor, Lesley Eames.

Whatever your genre, your characters are the vehicles through which readers will experience the conflicts, emotions, tensions ... or not. Fail to convince with your characters and you'll fail to engage your readers. In this workshop, we'll explore techniques for lifting characters from cardboard cut-outs to vibrant, 3-D creations that will keep your readers hooked.

Level: Intermediate


Sell Your Books! How to Market Your Own Books

Presented by author and editor, Debbie Young.

Author of the popular book of that name, Debbie Young will provide an encouraging and common-sense guide on how to market not just your books but also you, the writer, by creating a professional author platform that will be the focal point of your book marketing programme. She'll also advise you how to prioritise your time, so as to keep the book promotion plate spinning without sacrificing valuable writing time, how to market effectively without spending a fortune, and how to stay motivated when feeling overwhelmed.
Suitable for all levels from beginners upwards, and ideal for those new to self-publishing, but also a useful refresher course for more experienced authors, however their books are published.

Level: All

Matchmaking between your Hero and Heroine

Presented by Romantic novelist, Sue Moorcroft.

Creating the right hero for the right heroine can create sparks - use this fun and interactive workshop to ensure the sparks ignite your plot. Will you get the most interesting and fresh plot from a match made in heaven? Or when opposites attract? What journeys will you send your characters on, and how can you ensure that their goals conflict simply by choosing the right hero/heroine combination? What is the 'right' combination? And how will you recognise it?

Level: All 

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