One Hour Sessions (Afternoon)

Writing it Real - The Practicalities of Fiction

with Liesel Schwarz

Duration: 1 hour

For most readers, it is the little things that will make a story. As a writer, if you get it right, the prose will leap to life, but get it wrong and you will face angry emails from readers. From horses to guns, to potions and lavatories, this workshop is packed full of fascinating facts and practical titbits that will help you get it right.

Convincing Characters

with Toby Frost

Duration: 1 hour

What makes a character convincing? How do you go about creating characters that suit the world they inhabit - and who are changed by it? In this workshop Toby Frost looks at the ways in which characters can be designed, how they can be made to fit their surroundings, and how the setting both shapes and is changed by them.

Recreating the Past

with Emma Darwin

Duration: 1 hour

How do you root your fiction in history without getting stuck in the mud? How do you tell a compelling story when you have to look everything up? In this practical workshop we will explore the business of finding, imagining and writing stories set in the past. You should leave with a clearer sense of the riches and challenges of this exciting genre, and with some tools and strategies for making the most of them.

POV and Psychic Distance

with Debi Alper

Duration: 1 hour

Novels are the only narrative form that can go deep inside fictional characters' heads and see the world through their eyes. Sometimes you may want the reader to share your protagonist’s perceptions and fully empathise with them. At other times, you might choose to be more remote and objective. This session will show you how to manipulate your reader's engagement with your characters by distinguishing between a POV voice and a narrator's voice and deciding to what extent a character's voice should colour the prose. The workshop will also help with creating convincing characters and understanding the crucial difference between showing and telling.

Editing Your Writing

with Morgen Bailey

Duration: 1 hour

Editing isn’t just about chopping the dull bits. Editing is where you, and others, not only bring your writing to life but make it shine. Learn from this one-hour workshop what to keep, that it’s OK to ‘kill your darlings’, edit / rewrite a piece of flash fiction, and, from a checklist, improve your writing ongoing.

Flash Fiction: or how to give a reader the most story with the least words

with Lesley Mace

Duration: 1 hour

A workshop full of hints and tips on how to condense your fiction. It is imperative to hit the word limit requested by a particular competition or market and flashes often need a word-by-word edit to manage this. To help you with this, Lesley will be looking at filler words, which can so often be cut without changing the story you’ve written.

And with many flash fictions of her own published, Lesley can also suggest places for you to submit your writing. This workshop will give you inside information on the kind of writing a particular market might be looking for and there’ll be a fact-sheet to take away, with markets for you to try. By the end of the workshop, even if you’ve never submitted a story before, you’ll almost certainly have the confidence to give it a try.