Flash Fiction: or how to give a reader the most story with the least words

with Lesley Mace

Duration: 1 hour

A workshop full of hints and tips on how to condense your fiction. It is imperative to hit the word limit requested by a particular competition or market and flashes often need a word-by-word edit to manage this. To help you with this, Lesley will be looking at filler words, which can so often be cut without changing the story you’ve written.

And with many flash fictions of her own published, Lesley can also suggest places for you to submit your writing. This workshop will give you inside information on the kind of writing a particular market might be looking for and there’ll be a fact-sheet to take away, with markets for you to try. By the end of the workshop, even if you’ve never submitted a story before, you’ll almost certainly have the confidence to give it a try.