Two Hour Sessions (Morning)

Five Candles: Comedy Sketch Writing

with Mark Keegan

Duration: 2 hours

Mark will begin by giving an overview of sketch writing after which he will set a sketch writing exercise (this can be done if pairs if delegates prefer.)
Elements covered within the workshop will include:

  • What makes a good sketch?
  • Consideration of key elements.
  • How to create a sketch structure.
  • Location and Character.
  • Set-ups and punchlines.

How to Write a Killer Opening

with Erin Kelly

Duration: 2 hours

How to Write A Killer Opening will give you all the tools you need to make sure the first few pages of your book grip the reader. Erin will look at how to create a vivid scene, ask all the right questions and let the reader know what kind of ride they’re in for. We’ll look at current bestsellers to see what they did right – and Erin will teach you how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

Singing Narratives

with BK Duncan (Ruth Wade)

Duration: 2 hours

Writers write because we have something to say. But how do we ensure our characters also speak in authentic and distinctive voices? Good dialogue is tricky to pull off, but an essential skill to master if our readers are to fully inhabit the characters we work so hard to bring to life. Come and learn some tips and techniques, and a have a go at crafting dialogue that will make your narrative sing.

Creating High Concepts

with Lucy V Hay

Duration: 2 hours

Bang2write's Lucy V Hay, a script editor and author, shares her secrets for identifying an unforgettable concept and a killer concept in this hands-on workshop that identifies what makes a good idea for a story. Make sure you bring a pen and paper as we'll be putting your favourite movies and TV shows under the microscope! By the end of this workshop, you'll have crafted your own great idea for a story.

Creating Picture Book Text

with Lou Treleavan

Duration: 2 hours

Nail that picture book text with Lou Treleaven's ten tips for picture book success, including how to create engaging characters, a plot and a character journey all in less than 30 pages. Get inspired and create some draft outlines to test on the group before taking home to develop. Bring pen, paper and your favourite picture book.

Writing Ghost Stories

with AK Benedict

Duration: 2 hours

An exciting two-hour workshop delving into the history of the ghost story and the process of writing your own haunting stories. Looking at the structure of unsettling tales and considering how to use language to create lasting chills in the reader. Arrive with a copy of your favourite ghost story and leave with the stirrings of your very own.