Main Hall

9.00am Opening Address 

VWC Chairman, Dave Weaver, will welcome you all to the conference and introduce your Master of Ceremonies, Vice Chairman, John Spencer.

9.15am A short talk from audio producer, Ian Skillicorn, about National Short Story Week.

9.30am Panel Discussion – Can Creative Writing be Taught?

Chaired by VWC President and Creative Writing teacher, Nick Cook, and talking to Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing, Dr Jennifer Young, journalist and author, Michael Smith, and novelist, Liesel Schwarz.

10.00am Panel Discussion – Editors and Agents General Questions.

With Lisa Eveleigh, Meg Davis, Davinia Andrew-Lynch and Kate Nash.


11.00am Panel Discussion – Writing for Screen, Radio and TV.

With TV scriptwriter, director and producer, David Roden, BBC audio and theatre director and producer, Peter Wild and novelist, screenwriter and lecturer in creative writing, Max Kinnings.
Admit it! You've dreamt about it. We all have. Seeing that novel up on the big screen or having our short story seen or heard in the homes of millions. So, this is your chance! Come along and grab some tips on how to get your writing taken seriously by those audio, TV and film agents and producers? You never know – you could be sitting on the next Oscar winning script!

12.00pm Panel Discussion – Writing for Newspapers and Magazines.

If you need to make a few extra pounds whilst you're waiting for that novel to be published, then why don't you consider writing for newspapers and magazines? Join journalists Michael Smith, Karen Fletcher, Nick Cook and Lesley Eames for some tips on how to get your articles published. You might be surprised to find just how easy it is!


2.15pm The Crime Panel.

Chaired by Crime Thriller Girl, Stephanie Broadribb. Stephanie will be interrogating crime writers Max Kinnings, M.R. Hall, William Ryan and Emlyn Rees (both a crime novelist and commissioning editor of Angry Robot's crime inprint, Exhibit A.)

3.00pm Commissioning Editors and Agent Panel.

Ask editors and agents, Francesca Best (Hodder & Stoughton), Jade Chandler (Little,Brown/Sphere), Emlyn Rees (Angry Robot/Exhibit A) and Nora Perkins (Curtis Brown), all those questions you've been desperate to know the answers to. Like, how can I get an agent? How big should my manuscript be before I look for an agent? What should I write when I approach an agent? And more importantly – what shouldn't I write? How do I write a synopsis? And, of course, any one of the million other questions that are chasing around in your head!


4.30pm Come the Revolution ...

Chaired by Paul Casselle, Come the Revolution is a new panel in our programme that will debate some of the more controversial issues that are often raised between authors and publishers. This year we will consider Transcending Genre.

5.15pm Competition Results.

5.30pm Closing Address.

5.45pm We'll miss you!

So don't go home yet! Head over to the student bar and join us all for more networking.